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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Dispute

We will provide a preliminary opinion on what your legal rights and obligations are in regard to a commercial dispute. Once a party understands their legal rights and obligations, our firm will then focus on either resolving the dispute or have it judicially determined where we will deal with the issues of repudiation, damages and causation. Our firm has been involved in countless disputes in the following areas:

  • Breach of Contract

  • Breach of Confidentiality

  • Shareholder Disputes

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Director's and Officer's Liability

  • Professional Liability

Over the years, our firm has acted for numerous parties including, but not limited to, lenders, corporations, franchisees, franchisors, shareholders, partners, vendors, purchasers, and various professionals. Our team embraces all methods of dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. We will work to ensure that our services meet our client’s needs in a pragmatic and effective manner. 

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