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Employment Litigation 

Employment Disputes 

Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP provides services to both employers and employees for a wide range of employment issues including, but not limited to, employment contract disputes, human rights complaints, and wrongful dismissal claims. We seek to understand the issues at hand in each dispute and assist with the most appropriate process for resolving those issues.

We have represented numerous employers and employees over the years in a wide range of employment disputes including the following:

  • Wrongful Dismissal

  • Human Rights Complaints

  • Severance Package Disputes

  • Enforcement of Non-Competition Agreements

  • Enforcement of Non-Solicitation Agreements

Our team works with clients in all aspects of employment law to ensure that any issue brought forward is managed in a professional and pragmatic manner.

We look forward to further discussing any of your needs in this area should you require further information or assistance.

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