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Mortgage Litigation 

Mortgage Disputes 

Our firm acts for both mortgagees and mortgagors in relation to mortgage enforcement disputes. In assisting our clients, we will review the legal rights and obligations to advise as to the available and best options. Our firm will assist with the enforcement process including drafting and issuing statements of claim, issuing writs of seizure and sale, and filing claims with mortgage insurers.

Our firm has extensive experience acting for both borrowers and lenders and can provide assistance with the following:

  • Drafting Statements of Claim and pursuing Actions

  • Correcting Title Issues

  • Collecting Mortgage Sale Proceeds

  • Enforcing Court Orders

  • Powers of Sale and Conducting the Sale of Properties

  • Judicial Sales

  • Foreclosure Actions

  • Coordinating with Mortgage Insurers

Our team has extensive experience working with all parties involved in the mortgage enforcement process.

Please contact any member of our firm to further discuss how our team can assist you.

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