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 Property Litigation

Property Disputes

Property law can be divided into personal property and real property each of which has its own jurisprudence that evolved over hundreds of years. We assist clients with real property disputes acting for vendors, purchasers, mortgagees, title insurers and real estate brokerages. Regarding personal property, we assist clients when necessary to obtain injunctive relief to protect or preserve personal property and enforce security rights offered by the P.P.S.A.

Our firm has assisted many clients including:

  • Vendors

  • Purchasers

  • Mortgagees

  • Title Insurers

  • Real Estate Brokerages and Agents

  • Developers

We will work with our clients to ensure that their legal obligations and rights are protected in each transaction and any dispute resolution that is required. Our firm deals with issues involving the development, financing and sale of both commercial and residential properties. We encourage clients to seek the most efficient method of dispute resolution and ensure that our client’s needs are met throughout all steps of property of transactions.

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