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Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP

Our Vision

The vision of Drudi, Alexiou, Kuchar LLP has not changed since we established the firm 3 decades ago. First, we try to assist our clients in avoiding disputes. Second, we use our skills and experience to resolve the dispute and lastly, if all else fails, we use our decades of trial experience to litigate the matter and seek to achieve the most favourable judicial determination possible.

The Law Firm

 Founded in 1993

Several experienced trial lawyers who wanted to limit their practice to commercial litigation founded Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP in 1993. The firm has grown steadily since then and continues, as it started, as barristers-at-law – a practice exclusively devoted to court-related law which has flourished because of the results-oriented approach adopted by every member of the team.

Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP has an excellent record of assisting clients with achieving cost effective and pragmatic success. The firm has experience in tough, real world legal environments.

The expertise of its lawyers is disproportionate to the modest size of the firm. Strength is in quality, not numbers.

We at Drudi Alexiou Kuchar LLP are always available to provide assistance with your legal requirements if the need should arise at any time.

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